Somatic Experiencing


Developed by Peter Levine Phd

Dr. Levine recognized the innate capacity of humans to rebound from various states of distress if properly supported.  SE skills help to develop the systematic use of attention to various nervous system processes, such as the "tracking" of sensations, which helps to shift the energy bound in the symptoms and returns the nervous system to a more self-regulated state.  This process has been shown to be effective for recovery and improvement from a wide variety of psychological and physical symptoms such as anxiety and panic disorders, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain.  For more information about SE visit:  

Books by Peter Levine:

Waking the Tiger

Healing Trauma (Bk/CD)

In An Unspoken Voice

Trauma Proofing Your Kids

Trauma Through a Child's Eyes

Trauma and Memory

Susan is co-coordinator of Somatic Experiencing Training for 

Professionals in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Assists with various SE trainings in Canada and the USA.  Approved session provider for personal and consultations for Somatic Experiencing students in Beg, Int and Adv levels. 

Approved provider for small group consultations for Beg & Ind students.